Rejuvenating Dance

Move. Refresh. Renew.

What is Rejuvenating Dance?

Rejuvenating Dance™ (RD) is a low impact neurotrophic dance system based on the latest scientific research on brain health and aging. Sessions are designed to both energize and relax the mind and body. RD uses simple and easy-to-execute movements from a variety of dance forms that dancers and non-dancers can enjoy.
–  Ballet and Yoga
–  Tai Chi/
–  Tapping Acupuncture points
–  Modern/Contemporary dance
–  Latin and /Smooth ballroom dance
–  Jazz and World Dance
Anne Green Gilbert’s seminal work BrainDance.
– Relaxation Techniques

Who will benefit from Rejuvenating Dance Sessions?

RD stimulates the brain to produce BDNF and Serotonin

The limbs move but it the brain that dances.

Rejuvenating Dance is designed for the needs of the modern woman. Its restorative powers make it ideal for mother, teachers, nurses and other caregivers who daily experience a high level of stress. The gentle movement system is also ideal for persons coping with chronic illness, recovering from depression or trauma, and women in the early stages of stages of cognitive decline. Rejuvenating Dance stimulates the production of  Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) called the “Miracle-Gro for the brain” and the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Rejuvenating Dance is based on the most current brain research.

What can I expect at a Rejuvenating Dance Session?

You can expect to feel fabulous. The 90 minute Rejuvenating Dance session includes a pre-warm-up, a warm-up, aerobic center work, improvisation, cool down, and relaxation techniques. Each portion of the class

 ◊ Pre-warm-up Part I

The pre-warm-up will allow you to ease into the session with gentle tapping movements to stimulates skin, muscles and nerve endings. In addition to tapping, Rejuvenating Dance also includes exercises for the face and eye muscles. 

 ◊ Pre-Warm-up Part II

The second part of the pre-warm-up is composed of swinging movements. This allows RD dancers to enjoy the sensations of flowing and to prepare all the joints for movement. 

 ◊ The Warm-up

The Rejuvenating Dance warm-up uses traditional ballet movements infused with elements from yoga, tai chi and qigong. At the barre, RD dancers work to improve spinal alignment, build awareness of static and dynamic balance, practice transferring body weight with ease, as well as building leg and core strength.

 ◊ Center Dancing

Following the Rejuvenating Dance warm-up, RD dancers move to the center of the dance studio. In keeping with the brain research findings made by Dr.Kathrin Rehfeld, lead author of the study, based at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Magdeburg, Germany, RD dance movement styles and patterns are rotated. During each session students are challenged by increasing levels of complexity. In so doing, simple aerobic movements from ballroom, folk, jazz, musical comedy and world dance add enjoyment to the session and offer opportunities to build a stronger brain. Center dancing also offers opportunities to improve gait and dynamic balance. 

◊ Improvisation

Improvisation offers opportunities for personal expression, spontaneity, and creativity. Improvisation is an important part of the Rejuvenating Dance session providing  participants an opportunity to listen to their bodies, explore being spontaneous in a safe environment, develop multiple solutions to movement problems, and finally allow them to build nonverbal communication skills though using the language of dance.  A research study using MRI’s found that when  people create the parts of the brain associated  with inhibition quiets down. As a result, RD dancers experience a sense of freedom from sessions.

 In the photos below RD founder, Diana-Liz, improvises with an experienced client.   


    ◊ Mirror Work

Changing the habit of being yourself starts with going inside. Two-minutes of of affirmations and mirror are transformational.

 ◊ Cool down

Yoga stretches are used to release any remaining tension to allow participants to fully relax. Each RD session concludes exploring relaxation techniques such as visualization, self-massage, pranayama breathing, music baths and savasana (yoga corpse pose). 

 What if I can’t perform all the movements?

The instructor will modify movements to meet individual needs. Some movements may be smaller, others sitting in a chair or holding onto the ballet barre. This a gentle system. Pushing endurance levels or past pain levels is not part of this movement system. Listening to the needs of our clients is where we begin and end our sessions. 

Listening to clients allows me to meet their needs


What can I expect to gain from this workout? 

The stress of life affects our body as well as our emotions. A period of depression, prolonged illness, intense stress or other heavy feelings affect the alignment of the spine. When the difficult period passes the habitual spinal alignment frequently remains making it difficult for us to stand tall and to feel joyful, confident and free.  Dance allows us to reclaim our natural posture and to engage life with the posture of an open heart. 

What should I wear to a session?

 The suggested attire is dark-colored fitted capris or full-length yoga leggings made of durable stretching material. A long fitted top that stays in place no matter what position you are in is ideal. A support bra for full busted women is recommended. Socks are too slippery, so please go barefooted or wear a pair of ballet slippers.  The object is for RD dancers to comfortable and safe moving.

Promise from Diana-Liz, the Founder

“If you are facing the challenges of
Normal aging
Chronic fatigue
Debilitating illness

Cognitive Impairment

You don’t need to face these challenges alone.

I can’t promise you a miraculous healing, but
I can offer you moments of joy,
Increased strength,
The possibility of pain reduction,
Tools to nurture your mind and body.

I invite you to–
Come nurture yourself.
I promise you will be glad you did.

Where will sessions be held?

Studio B
2108 Kidwell Street
Dallas, TX 75214
In Lakewood

What’s the Schedule?

Thursday 9:00 -10:15 AM
Saturday 2:30 – 4:00 PM 

How much are the sessions?

Drop in Rate $20.
Class Card with five sessions $75
Class Card with ten sessions $130

Please consult your doctor before beginning any movement program.

For updates and information, please provide contact information.


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