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Diana-Liz Gallego

Hi, I am Diana-Liz, founder of Rejuvenating Lifestyle and Dance. I am passionate about living abundantly. Perhaps my passion for living was born from my dancing or perhaps my dancing was born out of my passion, nevertheless, I started dancing in the playpen and I have been dancing ever since.

Rejuvenating Dance

Formal lessons began when I was four years old and I have continuously studied dance for over 60 years. My studies include ballet, modern/contemporary, flamenco, folklórico, indigenous, Argentine tango, tap, jazz, drill team, liturgical, musical theater, ballroom smooth and Latin.  Other movement studies include yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in dance and a master’s degree in dance and related arts from Texas Woman’s University. I also hold lifetime teaching certifications in dance and physical education. I have enjoyed a very distinguished 44-year teaching career winning local, state and national recognitions including a coveted Disney teaching award.

When I retired in August 2016, after serving 120 teachers as the Dallas ISD Dance and Theatre Coordinator for eight years, my body was in need of care. Suffering with fibromyalgia, I needed a gentle, low impact and comprehensive system. Rejuvenating Dance was conceived from this need. As I read the latest research, I learned that dance offered a neurotrophic (full brain workout) requiring and developing mental agility. Cardio workouts are for the heart. Rejuvenating Dance is a neurotrophic workout for the brain. 

  1. Dynamic Balance
  2. Strength
  3.  Vestibular system (activated by turning)
  4. Flexibility
  5. Relaxation  and stress reduction
  6. Cross-lateral brain stimulation
  7. Energy production
  8. low impact aerobics
  9. Memory recall
  10. Fun to toe-tapping inspiring music
  11. Stimulate brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)
  12. Increase serotonin

A playful picture wearing a red flamenco shoe, a ballet slipper, folklorico flowers, a Mickey Mouse tie and holding Today I Made a Difference, published by my Disney Award Class.

Rejuvenating Lifestyle

One day when I was a young woman, Marjorie Tallchief stopped our ballet class and made the following statement: “You must eat like a dancer; you must sleep like a dancer; you must catch the bus like a dancer, and you must live like a dancer 24 hours a day.” I maintained an intensive 24 hours a day lifestyle far past my ballet days. So, it is not surprising that I experienced the exhaustion stage of burnout in 2004. 

Realizing that my primary care doctor was treating the smoke (symptoms) and not the fire (cause of my illness), I sought another doctor. I was so fortunate to find Vara Kantipong, an MD immunologist, and allergist who had brought herself to health through traditional and alternative medicine. We worked together for three years to restore my health.

I immediately applied Marjorie Tallchief’s advice to living a healthy lifestyle.  I would eat healthy, sleep healthy, and move healthy. With my dance discipline, I would be healthy in no time. It wouldn’t be so simple. Dr. Kantipong requested that I try biofeedback to reduce stress.  During my first biofeedback training session, I understood that I could not use “effort” to produce relaxation. Since 2004, I have worked to understand, practice, and teach a better way of living focused on ease and grace. 

In June 2016, my mother died from Alzheimer’s. She was preceded in death by her mother and two brothers one from Alzheimer’s and the other from Parkinson’s.  I began to see a pattern. As I read about the ApoE4 gene, I learned that this gene can play a role in Alzheimer’s as well as cardiovascular disease. My grandmother’s brother and my baby brother both died from sudden heart attacks and my other brother has had a quadruple bypass.


In Rejuvenating Lifestyle, I share inspiring wisdom, practical tools, resources, and the practices that I use to extend the quality of my life. I simplify and explain the important scientific discoveries regarding brain health, gut health, and deep nutrition. 

Paul & I enjoying an evening of dancing cheek to cheek

Today, I make my home in Dallas, Texas with Paul and my 19-year-old cat, Mister Flaco Taco. I am so proud of my beautiful 33 year old daughter’s wisdom and lifestyle.  

May my passion and wisdom for self-care offer you new ideas for abundant living with ease and grace. 

Please feel free to contact me with your comments, ideas, suggestions etc. I love hearing from readers. You can also connect with me on Facebook. 

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Diana-Liz Gallego


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